<style type="text/css">.gn-list li:nth-of-type(2) span { color: #27488c; } </style> <!-- 서브 상단 이미지 --> <section> <div class="sub_title"> <div class="sub_img" style="background-image: url('/files/lpsm/images/sub_title_business2.png');"> <h2 class="sub_title_text">SOLUTION</h2> </div> </div> </section> <!-- //서브 상단 이미지 --><!-- 서브 컨텐츠 --> <div class="sub_cont width_auto bgf7"><!-- 서브 페이징 --> <div class="page_show"><span>HOME &nbsp; &gt; &nbsp; BUSINESS &nbsp; &gt; &nbsp; <span class="page_show_now">SOLUTION</span></span></div> <!-- //서브 페이징 --> <div class="solution"> <div class="media main"> <div class="title"> <div class="title_box"><span class="color_bar yellow"></span><strong>Neural AI™</strong> <p>Intelligent Platform</p> </div> <p class="title_text">Artificial intelligence platform that collects data from the Internet of Things, preprocesses, refines, learns on its own, extracts knowledge, and provides optimized intelligence services such as prediction, prevention and control by converging with expert knowledge.</p> </div> <ul> <li><strong>Architecture</strong> <img alt="Neural AI" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/Neural_AI.png" /></li> <li><strong>Main Functions</strong> <p><b>Data processing</b> : IoE real-time data pipeline processing, stream processing, distributed-parallel based large data processing.</p> <p><b>Analytics(DevAI)</b> : Data non-identification/pre-processing, machine learning/deep learning, automatic machine learning (AutoML).</p> <p><b>AI/SW Assets</b> : Data and model storage functions, automatic model version management, periodic build of models for distribution, SW component new registration/renew/version management, UI component version management/renewal function.</p> </li> <li><strong>Features</strong> <p><b>Persistence</b> : Internalization of AI technology using corporate data such as SW/Data/Analytics/Experience.</p> <p><b>Diversity</b> : Combination of SW components to configure various application service systems.</p> <p><b>Convenience</b> : (1) Provides Web-based DIY workflow authoring tools and monitoring/execution/control interfaces.<br /> <span style="margin-left: 110px;">(2) Provides container-based toolboxes including Stand-alone execution environment and web toolkit creation environment.</span><br /> <span style="margin-left: 110px;">(3) Unifying model learning and serving procedures.</span></p> </li> <li><strong>Cases</strong> <p>Development of Blockchain Management Technology for Food Distribution : Development of Blockchain-based Distribution History Management Technology to prevent the source of food accidents and the falsification of distribution history</p> <p>Development of Blockchain-based Smart Marine Logistics Platform Service : Establishment of Smart Cold Chain Service Platform for Blockchain-based Distribution Management of Fishery Products</p> </li> </ul> <span class="playgroud yellow" title="Coming soon"><a href="#;">PLAYGROUD</a></span> <div class="open">&nbsp;</div> </div> <div class="media main"> <div class="title"> <div class="title_box"> <span class="color_bar purple"></span><strong>FreshTrack™</strong> <span class="color_bar purple_2"></span><strong>BioTrack™</strong> <p>Coldchain System</p> </div> <p class="title_text">A system that supports efficient and reliable logistics/distribution services through distribution history information collected by sensors for medical supplies/food quality control, and that can proactively cope with medical supplies/food accidents by measuring and predicting quality changes during the distribution process in real time through medical supplies/fresh food quality control algorithms.</p> </div> <ul> <li><strong>Architecture</strong> <img alt="FreshTrack" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/BlockRoad_EN.png" /></li> <li><strong>Main Functions</strong> <p><b>Settings Management</b> : Set up and manage basic data used in BioTrack/FreshTrack, such as users, equipment, facilities (vehicle, processing site, logistics warehouse), and quality groups.</p> <p><b>Equipment and tag management</b> : Register and manage IoT sensing equipment and details of facility detachments and fittings.</p> <p><b>Managing the location and path of a vehicle/facility</b> : Monitoring the location and path of a vehicle to prevent situations in advance that may cause quality damage or reset the optimum route.</p> <p><b>Monitoring</b> : Monitoring the real-time status of vehicle location, route, violation history, production site, storage, and hot and humid quality in combination with the map.</p> <p><b>Blockchain Monitoring</b> : Validation and monitoring of participating nodes, blocks, and transaction information.</p> <p><b>Real-time distribution history tracking and quality monitoring</b> : medical supplies/Fresh food quality monitoring technology that predicts changes in quality, such as freshness, according to the distribution environment (temperature/humidity) of medical supplies/fresh food.</p> <p><b>Log Management</b> : Logging and managing block chain logs on verification and block generation of data as well as logs of vehicles and warehouses.</p> </li> <li><strong>Features</strong> <p><b>Medical supplies/Food Safety Quality Service Engine</b> : The service engine responsible for the business affairs of GIS location information and medical supplies/food safety quality service is modularized and configured for each unit process to flexibly handle changes in the definition of work and the addition of new tasks.</p> <p><b>Smart medical supplies/Food Quality Monitoring System</b> : The smart medical supplies/food quality monitoring system enables real-time check of overall medical supplies/food trade status and location flow, and the monitoring function that can provide information to the relevant managers through SMS and PUSH in case of quality problems through quality algorithms applied to each food.</p> <p><b>IoT/RFID-based intelligent AI platform for medical supplies/fresh food quality control</b> : Intelligent AI platform that analyzes temperature, humidity, and acceleration data produced/accumulated in real time through IoT/RFID sensors in real time during the distribution process to predict or prevent accidents (detect abnormalities) and provide various recommended services</p> <p><b>Strengthening the Reliability of Transaction Data Using Blockchain</b> : Ensuring integrity and reliability by recording the data produced by IoT and the user&#39;s transaction data on the Blockchain in real time</p> <p><b>Sensor Tag for medical supplies/Food Quality Management</b> : A technology for generating, collecting and storing hot and humid levels in real time during the process of producing/distributing medical supplies/fresh food</p> </li> <li><strong>Cases</strong> <p><b>Development of Blockchain Management Technology for Food Distribution</b> : Development of Blockchain-based Distribution History Management Technology to prevent the source of food accidents and the falsification of distribution history</p> <p><b>Development of Blockchain-based Smart Marine Logistics Platform Service</b> : Establishment of Smart Cold Chain Service Platform for Blockchain-based Distribution Management of Fishery Products</p> <p><b>Development of Blockchain Platform for Food Distribution History and Product Certification Services</b> : Development of Blockchain-based Distribution History Tracking Management System for Safe Supply of Food Materials</p> </li> </ul> <span class="playgroud purple" title="Coming soon"><a href="#;">PLAYGROUD</a></span> <div class="open">&nbsp;</div> </div> <div class="media main"> <div class="title"> <div class="title_box"><span class="color_bar blue"></span><strong>Inno-Voting</strong> <p>Blockchain-based<br /> Voting System</p> </div> <p class="title_text"><img style="width:400px" alt="Inno-Voting v1.0" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/InnoVoting_title_img.png">Inno-Voting is a block chain-based digital voting solution that guarantees secret voting, enabling voter authentication, prevention of forgery of online voting, verification of voting history, and supporting a variety of devices for user convenience.</p> </div> <ul> <li><strong>Architecture</strong> <img alt="Inno-voting" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/Inno-voting_EN.png" /></li> <li><strong>Main Functions</strong> <p><b>User</b></p> <p>Vote &ndash; Before taking part in the vote, we identify eligible voters and conduct transparent voting</p> <p>Voting history &ndash; View the voting records of the user&#39;s participation according to their authority and the voting progress and results can be inquired.</p> <p>Supports various devices and authentication methods such as PC/Web, Tablet PC, 2G Phone, Smart Phone, etc.</p> <p><b>Admin</b></p> <p>Register Management &ndash; Voter management by vote, giving only the desired groups the right to vote</p> <p>Voting generation &ndash; Voting can be created according to various types of voting, setting up and inquiring details</p> <p>Validation of counting votes &ndash; Check the ballot count results to ensure transparency and whether the falsified data is available through the counting function.</p> <p>Voting status &ndash; subdivide data obtained through ballot counting to check the results of voting on a graph so that users can easily check the results.</p> <p>Monitoring (Tx) &ndash; View the intrinsic value of real-time transactions by vote</p> <p>Monitoring (Node) &ndash; View real-time synchronization and block creation of the Blockchain Server</p> </li> <li><strong>Features</strong> <p><b>Blockchain-based Macro Protection</b> : Response to attacks using macros under dual certification procedures in voting</p> <p><b>Blockchain-based forgery prevention</b> : Optimized for attack defense such as management Sql-Injection, Parameter Manipulation, and Session Hijacking by double encryption of all data</p> <p><b>Blockchain-based monitoring</b> : All votes (i.e., transactions) generated in the process of counting and voting are verified/encrypted in real time and stored in blocks, and transactions generated can be monitored by block unit and transaction unit.</p> <p><b>Blockchain-based counting verification</b> : Validation of ballot counting results and management of ballot counting authority division can be verified for forgery and alteration, and validity of ballot counting results is verified.</p> </li> <li><strong>Cases</strong> <p>I City Hall - Establishing a transparent and reliable Blockchain-based Voting System by storing voting history information in a block</p> <p>KICC - Establish a Blockchain-based voting system to verify forgery by storing voting information in blocks</p> </li> <li> <div class="innovoting_dlbox"> <dl class="innovoting_admin"> <dt>Administration Screens</dt> <dd><img alt="innovoting_admin1" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/innovoting_admin1.png" /> <img alt="innovoting_admin2" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/innovoting_admin2.png" /> <img alt="innovoting_admin3" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/innovoting_admin3.png" /> <img alt="innovoting_admin4" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/innovoting_admin4.png" /></dd> </dl> <dl class="innovoting_android"> <dt>User Screens(App)</dt> <dd><img alt="voting_android1" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/voting_android01.png" /> <img alt="voting_android2" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/voting_android02.png" /> <img alt="voting_android3" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/voting_android03.png" /> <img alt="voting_android4" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/voting_android04.png" /> <img alt="voting_android5" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/voting_android05.png" /> <img alt="voting_android6" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/voting_android06.png" /></dd> </dl> </div> </li> </ul> <span class="playgroud blue"><a href="https://innovoting.com/web/lgn/login.lp?returnPage=http%3A%2F%2Finnovoting.com%2Fweb%2Fmain%2Findex.lp" target="_blank">innovoting.com</a></span> <div class="open">&nbsp;</div> </div> <div class="media main"> <div class="title"> <div class="title_box"><span class="color_bar green"></span><strong>EduSalad™</strong> <p>P2P Education Platform</p> </div> <p class="title_text">An educational platform that goes beyond the limits of non-face-to-face online education by providing an educational environment based on reliability through the technology of the block chain and encouraging active interaction between users</p> </div> <ul> <li><strong>Architecture</strong> <img alt="EduSalad" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/EduSalad_EN.png" /></li> <li><strong>Main Functions</strong> <p><b>Wallet</b> : Blockchain-based electronic wallet system allows all transactions to be stored in blockchain so that paid safely.</p> <p><b>eLearning</b> : In addition to the existing eLearning method, learners can take the classes they want regardless of school or institution, and educators can overcome the limitations of time and region by providing content or real-time lectures that they already have.</p> <p><b>eLibrary</b> : Electronic bookstore function that uploads educational content that all users have to the cloud, and then high-quality content can be shared free or paid by P2P method.</p> <p><b>QuestionBank</b> : Validated examiners will give questions about related subjects, and users will generate and train tests in CBT format according to the method of use.</p> <p><b>Learning Progress Check Function</b> : Provides learners personal management pages and educator management pages to check the progress and achievement of e-learning learners, such as lectures, quizzes, etc.</p> </li> <li><strong>Features</strong> <p><b>Lifelong education and learning services</b> : Providing a PC and mobile-based real-time teaching platform for elementary, middle and high schools, universities, educational institutions, companies (job training), private institutes, and individuals (the general public) for lifelong learning.</p> <p><b>User-centered interface</b> : Applying a user-friendly user interface (removing the existing LMS/LMS) as well as applying hands-on learning methods using VR and AR (job training, disability education)</p> <p><b>Blockchain-based Learning Platform</b> : Improve quality of education by storing information such as lecture reviews and student numbers in the block chain so that forgery is not possible and sharing quality content among users based on reliability.</p> <p><b>Social learning and sharing capabilities</b> : ability to make friends and send and receive messages between learners, ability to create and receive lecture groups and study groups, ability to invite friends and share P2P content between users through cloud services</p> <p><b>Compensation system for quality education services</b> : Educators provide incentives for students/students by registering lectures and applying for lectures or recommending quality content.</p> </li> </ul> <span class="playgroud green"><a href="http://edusalad.io/eIndex.lp" target="_blank">edusalad.io</a></span> <div class="open">&nbsp;</div> </div> <div class="media main"> <div class="title"> <div class="title_box"> <span class="color_bar pink"></span> <strong>Neural Block<small style="font-size:20px; margin-top:0; display:inline-block; float:right; text-transform:uppercase;">ⓡ</small></strong> <p>Data Exchange<br>Platform</p> </div> <p class="title_text"> Neural Block is world’s first data exchange platform which applied PON Distributed Consensus Technology.<br> PoN is a decentralized non-competitive consensus algorithm, to ensure equal participating opportunities to all nodes, and it ensures security and safety. </p> </div> <ul> <li><strong>Architecture</strong> <img alt="InnoBlock" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/neuralBlock.png" /></li> <li><strong>Main Functions</strong> <p><b>Nonce Chain</b> : Create Base value, Create Nonce Chain, Extract Nonce value, Create Coupon</p> <p><b>Participant Pool</b> : Register Participating Node, Delete Participating Node, Update Participating Node Information, Verify Nonce value of Participating Node</p> <p><b>ECSchnorr</b> : Private/Public Key Creating Function, Electronic/Multiple Signature Function, Provide Hash Function</p> <p><b>Network</b> : Able to Set Network Type, Network Server Creating/Ending Function, Message Sending/Receiving Function</p> <p><b>Transaction Processor</b> : Register TransactionHandler, Verify Transaction, Save Transaction at MemPool, Execute Transaction</p> <p><b>MemPool</b> : Add Transaction, Delete Transaction, Acquire Transaction Subject to Consensus</p> </li> <li><strong>Features</strong> <p><b>Decentralization</b></p> <p>Non-Competitive Consensus Algorithm</p> <p>Provide Equal Participating Opportunity to All Nodes</p> <p>PoN(Proof of Nonce) Method Proposal (Confirm and Verify Qualification)</p> <p><b>Scalability</b></p> <p>Provide Block Finality </p> <p>Minimum Consensus Node Composition (Around 5 ~ 1,400)</p> <p>Consensus Message Complexity and Cost Minimization : O(N)</p> <p><b>Security</b></p> <p>Unable to Predict Node Participating the Consensus (Consensus Body)</p> <p>Present Byzantine Node Endurance Percentage : 1.1e^(-16)</p> <p>Attack/Error Endurance For Ensuring Liveness</p> </li> </ul> <span class="playgroud pink"><a href="" target="_blank">Neural Block</a></span> <div class="open">&nbsp;</div> </div> <div class="media main"> <div class="title"> <div class="title_box"> <span class="color_bar red"></span><strong>ZOOMGLASS™</strong> <p>Real-time streaming solution</p> </div> <p class="title_text">ZOOMGLASS provides functions such as real-time streaming, chatting, and screen sharing, and is a web-based streaming solution proven in Korea for communities and lectures at universities, academies, and businesses.</p> </div> <ul> <li><strong>Architecture</strong> <img alt="EduSalad" src="/files/lpsm/images/solution/ZoomGlass_EN.png" /></li> <li><strong>Main Functions</strong> <p><b>Real-time video conferencing</b> : Provides stable streaming services based on web RTC.</p> <p><b>Screen sharing</b> : The meeting proceeds smoothly by sharing audiovisual materials necessary for online meetings with participants.</p> <p><b>Chat</b> : Provides real-time video meeting and chat function at the same time.</p> <p><b>Browser Support</b> : Participants can access through a web browser (chrome) without additional installation.</p> </li> <li><strong>Features</strong> <p><b>Easy registration and installation</b></p> <p><b>Participants could enter right away without the registration process</b></p> <p><b>Available for both PC and mobile</b></p> <p><b>Screen share</b></p> <p><b>Many people can access at the same time</b></p> <p><b>1 hour of video conferencing for the free version</b></p> <p><b>Powerful security features</b></p> </li> <li><strong>Cases</strong> <p>KAIST, InnoBlock, Inc., VARO Co., Ltd.</p> </li> </ul> <div class="open">&nbsp;</div> </div> </div> </div> <!-- //서브 컨텐츠 -->